Service Matters • October 2019

2019 World Service Conference in Chicago was a huge success!!


  1. Submission of Voting Roll

  2. Roll Call

  3. Adopted Standing Rules of Order

  4. Adopted the Agenda

  5. Accepted minutes for 2013, 2014, and 2016 minutes as corrected.


  1. Accepted Treasurer’s Report

  2. Passed Motion to Elect Board Candidates

  3. Passed Motion to adopt approved 12 Concepts of AA adapted with permission

  4. Passed Motion to publish report of the GS Committee (Clarification of GreySheet Abstinence)

  5. Archives Committee motions were withdrawn

  6. Passed Motion to make Website Committee stand-alone

  7. Passed Motion to create a GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Style Guide

  8. Passed Motion to have the Structure Committee review and work on GreySheeters Anonymous World   Service Conference Charter

  9. Passed Motion to have the next World Service Conference October 16-18, 2020

  10. Passed Motion   have the next World Service Conference at the Cenacle in Chicago, IL

  11. Passed Motion to approve the Process for Reading, Amending, and Approving Draft Minutes for the 2019 and Subsequent Word Service Conferences

  12. Failed Motion to schedule future World Service Conferences only when reserve is saved

  13. Failed Motion to cap individual contributions to less than 10% of operating budget

  14. Failed Motion to consult the fellowship when budget changes exceed $1000 or 25% of total budget

  15. Passed Motion to develop Financial Policies and Procedures in conjunction with Service Manual


  1. Passed Motion for the concept of long-form literature Living Abstinent

  2. Passed Motion to define short-form literature as less than 2000 words and long-form literature as 2000 words or more

  3. Passed Motion for the concept of long-form literature One Day at a Time in GreySheeters Anonymous.

  4. Motion rescinded to remove the proposed Tagline

  5. Passed Motion to make Nominating Committee stand alone

  6. Passed Motion to approved method of nominating candidate to the GS Board of Trustees

  7. Installation of New Board of Trustees

  8. Committee Reports with questions and answers

  9. Closing Ceremony and Adjourn

The next conference will be held October 16-18, 2020, so we have one year to get ready for that!! Please, if your group was not able to attend this year due to lack of funds for the GSR’s expenses, start saving money from your 7th tradition to save for next year’s conference. And if anyone has the desire to do service at this level, please stay tuned to the November issue of Service Matters which will be chockful of ideas on how to get involved.

Quotes from the delegates: At the end of the conference all delegates were asked to think of one sentence to describe what was most meaningful to them from our time together. Here is a sampling of their thoughts. The first is a haiku!!   

"We make the motions
While sitting down: we are still
God moves and shakes us"
“Not only did I survive the WSC, I thrived.”
"Wellness starts with ‘we’--Illness starts with ‘I."’
"Every delegate had a chance to be heard. The debate was often passionate, but ultimately productive."
"Doing service at the level of a GS CONFERENCE.. raises the level of my recovery!!"
“So many ideas, so little time. Creating the infrastructure to carry the message takes so much work and that work is being done by a very dedicated and hard-working 5% of our fellowship”

"We cannot do anything alone!  Service is truly what matters as GreySheeters Anonymous grows and continues to carry the message."
"It was as if I found a family I never knew – a fellowship of those who were able to listen and hear one another."
"One of the Committee leaders referred to their members as "PASSION-ISTAS."  I love that!  May we all stay passionistas for living a beautiful, abstinent life in recovery!"
"There's something very special about spending a weekend with people with backgrounds vastly different to mine, that nevertheless share my disease and are just as passionate about this solution. Listening to various arguments for different issues, my mind was changed repeatedly by new points of view that hadn't occurred to me. I return to my world with a refreshed feeling that people really are wonderful."
"Service!Service!Service! I slumber in addiction; together we can thrive with abundance to be shared. Having attended two previous WSC's, I was very moved to see how our program has grown in professionalism and purpose." 

"My first conference has further energized me not only to carry the message to the compulsive eater who still suffers, but to carry the message to our GreySheet community of what exciting and vital work our World Services is doing!."

October 2019 - Monthly Board of Trustees Column

Note: Each month, Service Matters will publish a column written by a different trustee on the Board. Each column will include the name of the trustee, a departure from most Service Matters articles, in order to help members get to know their trustees better. Our first column is written by Grainne M, newly elected President of the Board of Trustees for GSAWS.
Please meet your 2020 Board of Trustees nominated by the 48 delegates of the 2019 World Service Conference in Chicago and elected by the 2019 Board of Trustees. 



Abstinence Date

Class Three (Terms expire in 2022)


Grainne M.

September 14, 1994

Vice President

Laura D L. 

April 16, 1982


Joyce S.

March 24, 1997


Sandie M. 

August 27, 2009

Class Two (Terms expire in 2021)

Assistant Treasurer

Joey M. 

June 7, 2013

Assistant Secretary

Lee T. 

March 23, 2000


Hrafnhildur (Habby) B. 

November 2, 2005

Class One (Terms expire in 2020)


Ofer L.

January 25, 2002


Sara S. 

May 24, 2009

Class B Non-Compulsive
Eater Trustee

Alan S.

CA/AA Sobriety date 
June 10, 1999

After three years of diligent service, seven Board of Trustees members rotated off the Board of Trustees at the conference. I am sure I speak for the entire fellowship when I say that we are incredibly grateful to them for their stewardship of our organization since the last World Service Conference in 2016.

  • Mary M., President

  • Yael A. Vice President

  • Sue S., Secretary

  • Nicole A., Treasurer

  • Joy C., Assistant Treasurer

  • Bennie T., liaison to the Conference Committee  

  • Gulla B., liaison to the Website Committee

We are lucky that Ofer L. and Sara S. agreed to serve another year to help the new members find their feet and ensure continuity. 

Thanks also to the Nominating Committee. The committee worked hard to fill so many positions in one year. Linda GS and her committee (Leigh F., Raina D., Susan B., and Theda S.) met twice a month and reviewed a lot of potential candidates. The Nominating Committee is going to work to return the board to its original 13 members and to continue the rotation of one-third of members each year. If you are interested and qualified, please volunteer via the website (or suggest another talented and willing GreySheeter).

The incoming board is already transitioning the business of the not-for-profit corporation. We are working with the conference committees to implement the decisions of the delegates and to continue their existing projects. And we are supporting the Intergroup Service Representatives in ensuring that every member of our fellowship hears the results of the conference and has a chance to ask questions. We are excited to get started supporting members, groups, and intergroups in our primary purpose – to stay abstinent and carry the message.
Stay tuned for monthly updates from your board and get in touch: We want to hear from you.

Board of Trustees Town Hall on October 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

The incoming Board of Trustees of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service will continue the wonderful innovation of the outgoing Board of Trustees and host a Zoom Town Hall quarterly. All GreySheeters Anonymous members are invited, especially those who serve the fellowship as trusted servants. We ask all Intergroup Service Representatives and WSC Committee Chairs to encourage their members to participate.

The first quarterly Town Hall will be October 27th at 10 am ET. Subsequent Town Halls will be in January. April, and July 2020.
We will report on the just-completed World Service Conference – informing you of changes approved by your delegates. We will also introduce your new Board of Trustees and outline projects the conference committees will be working on in 2020.
We welcome your questions before the Town Hall to the chair of the Communications Committee at We welcome your questions and suggestions during the Town Hall, too! Come meet your new board and hear the exciting work your committees will be undertaking so we can all fulfil our primary purpose – to stay abstinent and carry the message to the next compulsive eater.
The meeting will be recorded and the audio published in Service Matters in November. We will record and publish the Questions and Answers as well as your suggestions.
GSAWS BOT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: GSAWS Town Hall
Time: Oct 27, 2019 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting 
Dial by your location
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 717 731 799
Find your local number:

The post-conference version (committee chairs only) of Committees Connecting will take place on Tuesday, October 22, at 8:00 PM EST as committee chairs meet to gear up for our very busy new year in anticipation of WSC 2020.  The usual Zoom meeting of all committee members will start up again soon.
ISR’s (Intergroup Service Representatives) will be meeting on Sunday, October 13, at 12:00 PM EST to discuss how best to communicate the results of WSC 2019 to the entire fellowship. Intergroups are encouraged to send their alternate ISR, ISR-elect, or vice-chair or other officer if they can’t make it.

Upcoming Events

*** Please check for details and contact information.

  • European Intergroup Retreat, October 18 - 20, 2019, Newmarket, England

  • 29th Annual NYC GreySheet Roundup:  November 9  - 10, 2019, New York, NY
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