Service Matters • November 2019

November Theme: Thank You, GreySheet!!

Focus on Giving Back to this Life-Giving Solution

When was the last time you thought about what it means to tell someone you’re abstinent and grateful? It is often the replacement response for “Fine, Thank you!” when  a fellow GreySheeter asks, “How are you?” on a phone call or at a meeting.

‘Abstinent and grateful’ can be true regardless of the kind of day we’re having, or the news we’ve just listened to, or the report from the doctor on test results we just received. No matter what is going on in our world, we know we can honestly say, “Abstinent and Grateful.”
In this issue, we are going to highlight some of the ways we can say ‘Thank You’ for the blessings of this program in order to carry the message and support our own abstinence. We dedicate the November 2019 issue of Service Matters to the two main ways we can Give back: with our time and with our money.
Here are some bullet points to help us zero in on the ways we may already be giving back, and also some new ways we haven’t considered yet.
How Can I Give Back to GreySheeters Anonymous? Let me count the ways!!
Take a look at this chart and see which of these you already do or have done, which you’d like to do, and which you’d like more information about. Contact us at

Levels of Service Giving of Time Giving of Money
Individual Sponsoring
Phone Calls
Subscribe to and read Service Matters
Include listing on Phone List
Include name as Contact on website
Start a new F2F or Zoom mtg
Offer to take a newcomer food shopping
Post on GreyNet weekly or monthly
Contribute to 7th Tradition at meetings
Anniversary donation ($1 per year of abstinence) to World Services
Group Moderator on Phone bridge or zoom meeting
Treasurer for my group
Serve as GSR
Speaker seeker/booker
Read Service Matters at business meetings
Qualify at meeting
Lead step groups (AWOL, etc)
Order literature for group
Secretary (Open room, set up, cleaning, etc)
Keep phone/contact list
Liaison to facility for annual room reservation
Keep track of GS anniversaries, order medallions/chips
Be contact for your group, answer emails and calls to GSers traveling in your area to help them find a meeting or connect them with GSers if no meeting (for coffee, etc.)
Support GSR to attend World Service Conference and represent our group
Donate annually $1 for the number of years that GSA has been in existence.
Support Intergroup so ISR can attend World Service Conference
Support World Services so literature can be published, website revamped, nonprofit status can be continued, conference held regularly, and legal fees paid.
Intergroup Attend meetings of Intergroup
Send out email/FB invitations to monthly IG meetings
Consider ways to support local groups
Have name as contact on website
Help organize retreats, roundups and gatherings in your area
Coordinate IG Zoom meetings
Start an IG FB Secret Group
Serve as IG Service Representative (ISR)
IG Secretary
IG Treasurer
Support ISR’s expenses at World Service Conference
Contribute to WSC regularly to support operations of GSAWS and the needs of Committees
GSA World Services Serve on one of the Committees that meet monthly: Literature, Finance, Conference, Communications, Public Information, Structure, Nominating, Archives or Website
Serve as a trustee or officer on the Board of Trustees
Serve as a liaison to an Intergroup
Attend World Service Conference
Pay annual fees to keep 501c3 nonprofit status current
Pay for publishing of literature and brochures
Pay expenses of BOT members and parliamentarian to attend WSC
Pay costs associated with Website
Pay legal expenses re copyright infringements 

November 2019 - Monthly Board of Trustees Column

Lee T., Assistant Secretary, Board of Trustees

First Town Hall with the new Board of Trustees
The new Board of Trustees of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service held their first Town Hall on Sunday October 27th at 10 ET on Zoom. We were all delighted to celebrate Rose’s seven-year GreySheet anniversary and recognize five people counting days at the meeting. Audio recording of the Town Hall: 

Worldwide Participation
At least 44 GreySheeters attended including six trustees, four Intergroup Service Representatives (CT, MW, SW, NYM), and 13 Group Service Representatives from the Connecticut, European, New York Metro, Phone Bridge, SouthWest, and Western States Intergroups. Participants included members of the GreySheet Committee, the Communications, Conference, Finance, Literature, Nominating, Public Information, Structure, and Website Committees. GreySheeters represented six countries – Canada, England, Ireland, Israel, Spain, and the United States – and 11 states – California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Texas. GreySheeters Anonymous really is a worldwide fellowship of very committed people! 

The primary purpose of the first Town Hall was to introduce the new Board of Trustees and their new responsibilities, report on the 2019 World Service Conference, and answer questions. We had hoped to report on what we have accomplished since the conference and some of the projects we plan for 2020, but we ran out of time and will discuss those at the January 26th Town Hall. 

We need to fill three open positions on the Board of Trustees. If you are interested and have at least five years of GreySheet abstinence, please consider submitting an application to The application form and more information is here:

World Service Conference 2019
We reported on the successful World Service Conference held in Chicago in September. The conference is the business meeting of the worldwide fellowship. Here is the link:

A member of the GreySheet Committee spoke about the work of the committee to capture in writing the oral tradition of GreySheet abstinence, provide some guidelines for sponsors, and make recommendations for the fellowship on how they might consider using the clarifications and guidelines. The conference approved the committee’s proposal to provide the report of the GreySheet Committee to the fellowship once it is complete.  The fellowship can then consider and discuss the findings and recommendations. If the fellowship believes that there is value to any of the recommendations or that the findings may be used in other ways to protect the integrity of the GreySheet solution, they could work through the conference committees to bring those ideas to the World Service Conference. 

Questions and Answers
Question: Will the report of the GreySheet Committee be brought to a future World Service Conference?
Answer: The report of the GreySheet Committee will be provided to members of the fellowship who may themselves bring it to the conference as specific motions to implement recommendations or otherwise use the findings of the committee. The primary way to provide the report to members is via the Intergroup Service Representatives and Group Service Representatives. This is one reason that it is important that members have a Home Group and that Groups have GSRs. It will be challenging to provide the report to members who are not represented. Delegates at the WSC2019 did not want to see the report published on the website.

Question: Will the GreySheet Committee consider the input of people from different oral traditions, different interpretations?
Answer: The GreySheet Committee has been working since February 2018 and has published regular reports with requests to provide input via The committee has received many questions, concerns, and suggestions and welcomes additional input.

Question: Can you post the donation information for World Service?
Please get in touch: 

Future Town Halls will be one hour later at 11 am ET on the same Zoom link on the last Sunday (always the 26th!) of January, April, and July 2020. We hope to see you there.

The next World Service Conference will be held October 16-18, 2020, so we have one year to get ready. Please, if your group was not able to attend this year due to lack of funds for the GSR’s expenses, start saving money from your 7th tradition to send your GSR to next year’s conference.

Traditions and Concepts Meeting

Beginning in November, there will be a 30 minute zoom meeting focusing on one tradition and/or concept each month until the October WSC 2020. This will give everyone (but especially delegates) the chance to study them over the next year.
Zoom meeting ID for these meetings is: 791453380
zoom meeting link:
Here is the schedule:

Concept 1 November 17 Tradition 1 November 24
Concept 2 December 22 Tradition 2 December 15
Concept 3 January 19 Tradition 3 January 26
Concept 4 February 23 Tradition 4 February 16
Concept 5 March 15 Tradition 5 March 22
Concept 6 April 19 Tradition 6 April 26
Concept 7 May 17 Tradition 7 May 24
Concept 8 June 21 Tradition 8 June 28
Concept 9 July 19 Tradition 9 July 26
Concept 10 August 16 Tradition 10 August 23
Concept 11 September 20 Tradition 11 September 27
Concept 12 October 11 Tradition 12 October 18

Time: Sundays at 1:00 PM EDT (30 minutes only)
No pre-registration is necessary. If you want to attend please just click on the zoom meeting link or type in the meeting ID to join.

Newmarket UK Retreat, Oct 18-20, 2019

I have been in this program for 7 months and from my experience at the Newmarket Retreat, I am finally in a place where I can say that mantra and mean it. From going to the retreat I feel a deep connection to this program and its members.

I arrived apprehensive and a little nervous being part of a big group. As an addict, structure and discipline are things I resist naturally but without it, my life is unmanageable and difficult. I loved the stress-free flow of the retreat made possible from the hard work GreySheeters put into the organisation. I could just relax and take in the spiritual energies.

I learned tips on practical measures to mind my abstinence and returned with delicious recipes and contacts that I have kept in touch with since the retreat. I returned with memories to last a lifetime. Laughing like a bunch of lunatics during Laughing Yoga is a memory that will never leave me!
There was a mix of program and other activities. I feel the retreat gave the space for me to decide whether I wanted to be involved or not.  I loved how the retreat had both, an 11th step mini-workshop, numerous meetings on the 12 steps and also a variety of outside meditation practices to find out what suits each individual. I do my step work and now I have learned a breathing technique to use along side my program that I am already benefiting from.

I left the retreat sad it was over but a heart full of spiritual growth and connection to this program. I feel excited to be a GreySheeter. I feel today I want it, not only that I need it.

I look forward to reaching my 90 days to give back to a community that is changing my life for the better through weighing and measuring three abundant meals from the God-given GreySheet.

Spoken, WA - A weigh of Life, Oct 5, 2019

All were welcomed to a room cozy with fireplaces burning.   Our first speaker had 11 years of back to back GSA abstinence.   Prizes were drawn at the break, lunch and closing. Everyone received a special sackcloth hand towel with A Weigh of Life 2019 Spokane GSA Retreat embroidered on them. As the retreat’s purpose was to introduce people to the phone bridge, we experienced a meeting on Relapse and Recovery. People learned how to connect and participate.  On our lunch break we enjoyed our homemade abstinent lunches and fun fellowship. Our second speaker shared largely on her spiritual journey in GSA, how she came to believe. We read “The Doctors Experience” from the GSA 12X12 and shared our experience, strength and hope as we read.   We had fourteen participants and left feeling refreshed and nourished by fellowship in recovery.

Upcoming Events

*** Please check for details and contact information.

  • 29th Annual NYC GreySheet Roundup:  November 9-10, 2019, New York, NY
  • Iceland Roundup: February 15-16, 2019
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