Service Matters • November 2016

What has been happening since the World Service Committee in September?

As you will have read from the list of motions and recommendations put forward by the service committees at the 2016 World Service Conference in September, each service committee has their 'plates full' of jobs that need to be done between now and the next World Service Conference in 2 years time.

These service committees are made up of members like you and me - members of this fellowship with 90 days or more of back-to-back abstinence, who are working with a sponsor who has a sponsor - and who have volunteered their time to help GSA carry the message to the compulsive eater.

An Update from the Literature Committee

The literature committee is the committee who are working on pieces of GSA literature which the fellowship is using to communicate our program of recovery to our members and to those who are still suffering and who may be searching for a solution.

If you have editing, writing, organisation skills and experience, please contact the chair of this committee, Richard O,, +1 (424) 208-4813. This service committee needs your support. Our literature cannot write itself.

The committee are currently working to finalize the pamphlets "To Professionals" and "A Solution for Compulsive Eating". An announcement will be made when they are available for download from the Literature section on our website. Remember to visit this link to order your copy of GSA's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

The Literature committee are also collecting stories from members for the next GSA book to include a chapter on the History of GSA, the Family Afterwards, the Potential 18-34 year old Compulsive Eater, the Traditions and Concepts at Work. Please email your stories to, or call to chat on +1 (424) 208-4813. The literature committee meets via phone every Sunday at 3:30pm EST. You're welcome to join. Contact Richard O for phone meeting number.

An Update from the Communication Committee

Please contact with any ideas for topics of service you would like to read about in this newsletter; email us with any service-related questions you would like answers to – and these will be published in the next edition of Service Matters.

If you have 90 days or more of back-to-back Greysheet abstinence, are social media-savvy, understand privacy settings on Facebook - the communications committee needs your help to finalize GSA's "Using Social Media Safely Guidelines". Please email if you can help.

GSA Events

Check the website for the latest GSA Events coming up. A February Queens NY Roundup is being planned. Dates to be confirmed.

Register Your Group/Change Group Information

If you have not done so already, please make sure you register your group on our website at Face-to-Face Meetings/Group Registration Form.

If you have registered your group, take a moment to check your group information. It is your responsibility to make sure your information is correct. This is to ensure that newcomers and regular members get the correct information they need to attend your groups – and that your group service representative gets updates from GSA World Services to bring to your group. Please email any changes to your group information to

International Phone List

Members that elect to be added to the list may email If you want to unsubscribe from this list or your information has changed, you need to email in order to do this. It is your responsibility to ensure that information is correct for subscribers. For example, if you are no longer available to sponsor, please make sure you email to let them know – so that your record can be updated. This list is as up-to-date as the information it receives. When you as a sponsor are directing newcomers to these resources, please let them know that not all this information will be perfectly up-to-date and that when they come across numbers that are no longer working or members who tell them they are no longer members of GSA – to please email with these updates. This is the only way this list can be kept current.

Sponsors List

If you volunteered to put your name down as a sponsor on the sponsor list on the website, please check that your information is still up-to-date. If you are no longer available to sponsor and want your name removed from this list, please email with this information and your name will be removed. It is your responsibility to let us know when this information changes, so that we can make sure this information is as up-to-date for the newcomer as possible.

International Contacts List

If you submitted your email address as a contact person in your country for international visitors to reach when they are travelling, please check your information is still up-to-date. If you are no longer the contact person in your country for visitors, then please email with these updates. Step up to service – this is your time to make history too! 

Service Matters • February 2017
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