Service Matters • May 2019

A Friendly Reminder from the Conference Committee to Delegates of the 2019 WSC regarding Minutes and Transcripts

June 15, 2019 is the deadline to submit in writing to the Conference Committee ( any questions, concerns, inconsistencies, etc. between the proposed Minutes and the Transcripts for 2013, 2014, or 2016. As noted in the document Process for Approving Draft Minutes WSC 2013, 2014, 2016 of GreySheeters Anonymous(previously provided)remember to include the following information:

  1. The year of the Minutes (2013, 2014 or 2016);
  2. The year of the Transcript (this will match the year of the Minutes);
  3. The page number(s) in the Minutes;
  4. The page number(s) and line number(s) in the Transcript;
  5. Your recommended correction to the Minutes; and
  6. Your reasoning for the correction.

Please keep in mind that some motions are stated and restated many times with wording that is slightly different. Please make sure to look only at the wording of the motion and / or amendment directly preceding the vote.

Committees Connecting Meeting!

The May 5, 2019 Committees Connecting Meeting audio link for those who could not attend:
The next Committees Connecting meeting will be held on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 2:00 PM EST. All GSR’s, ISR’s, and delegates to the World Service Conference are especially invited to attend, but all GreySheeeters are welcome. Please use this link: Note: this is a new meeting ID.

Committees set to present motions in June are:  Communications Committee (Website Subcommittee) and Conference Committee. We suggest that you read the motions before the meeting, which can be found on the webpage at this link:
Audio recordings of Preparation for Delegate Meetings held on April 28 and April 30, 2019 explaining the role of delegates and discussing concerns and questions are available – here are the links!
Note: There will be another meeting scheduled for August 2019 to address delegate concerns as well.

 It's Not Too Late to Attend Introduction to Traditions and Concepts

Delegates to the WSC Conference and other GS members are invited to attend two sets of Zoom meetings on Traditions and Concepts. More information on the under World Service Conference 2019. 

Most recent Traditions 3&4 meeting held May 5: audio link here:

Sunday 3 pm ET / 8 pm UK
Zoom link:
Twelve Traditions Twelve Concepts
Leader: Peggy M. Leader: Inka O.
Date Traditions Date Concept
    May 12 3 & 4
June 9 5 & 6 June 23 5 & 6
July 7 7 & 8 July 21 7 & 8
August 4 9 & 10 August 11 9 & 10
September 1 11 & 12 September 8 11 & 12
More information More information

Openings for New Board of Trustees Members

The Board of Trustees has openings for new Board of Trustees membersNominating Committee Procedures are located at this link on our website:

If interested, please check out the info at this link, along with nomination forms and the email address for the forms.

The following are the qualifications for becoming a trustee:

  1. Be an active member of GSA who has at least five years of back-to-back abstinence unless you are a Class B Trustee (not compulsive eater).  Class B Trustees: Have the desire to serve on the GSAWS Board of Trustees to share your experience gained in business, health organizations, other 12-Step program World Service Boards.
  2. Be committed to working the GSA Steps, Traditions and Concepts of GSA. For Class B Trustees: have a working understanding of the GSA 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts.
  3. Be committed to service as a way of life and be willing to grow through service and its challenges. Be available with the skills, time and organization to competently fulfill commitments to GreySheeter's Anonymous World Service Board of Trustees and the GSA World Service Conferences.
  4. Be a team player willing and able to work with others in recovery.  Be willing to speak up in any discussion to give your opinions about what is being decided.  Your thoughts may inspire someone else’s vote. Know that you will be ready to volunteer to handle some tasks and to do them promptly and competently as part of the BOT team.
  5. Demonstrate the flexibility and willingness to work with others when the group conscience is not your first choice.
  6. Have both the technology (telephone, computer, printer, Zoom and email) and communication skills ( written, verbal, and temperament) to facilitate group process.
  7. Have the time to travel to any GreySheeters Anonymous WSC conference.
  8. Know that you will have many meetings that the board is expected to attend: 1.5 hrs. monthly Board meeting on Zoom; 1 hr. monthly (?) for whatever committee you will be the liaison for; an InterGroup meeting if available to share what the Board is doing; and quarterly Town Hall meetings

GreySheet Committee Report

The GreySheet Committee, an ad hoc committee convened by the Board of Trustees to capture in writing the oral tradition of the original Cambridge GreySheet community, has continued its every-other week meetings since our last report to the fellowship in November 2018.

The ten members, each with over 20 years of back to back GreySheet abstinence and several from the original Cambridge community, continue to clarify areas of the GreySheet where varied interpretations have developed over the years.

In the five months since our last report:

  • We completed our review of the different food groups (proteins, vegetables, fruits, fats, and condiments) and have begun answering questions about GreySheet abstinence under various circumstances like eating out, traveling, pregnancy, illness, surgery, hospitalization, maintenance, etc.
  • We submitted our report and suggested two motions to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees accepted our report and agreed to make the two motions at World Service Conference 2019. The first motion is that GreySheeters Anonymous World Service publish a pamphlet called “Clarifications of GreySheet Abstinence.” The second motion is that GSAWS publish a pamphlet titled “Guideline for Sponsors.” We also made suggestions for how these pamphlets may be made available.
  • We also submitted our proposal for two pamphlets to the Literature Committee for their approval. (According to the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference Approved Literature process, all ideas for new literature come through the Literature Committee.) They approved the Board of Trustees proposing the ideas for the pamphlets at the conference.

Once we have answered all the questions that the fellowship has submitted to us about weighing and measuring from the GreySheet under different circumstances, we plan to review the entirety of our work to make sure that all the clarifications and statements are consistent with each other and to make sure we have covered all the areas where questions and variations have arisen.

Please share these regular updates about our work with your group or intergroup. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

Malibu Retreat - "You've Come a Long way in GSA!", Malibu, California

During the weekend of April 5 - 7, 2019 a GSA retreat took place at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, California. The retreat welcomed 58 GSA members from 15 states who stayed overnight, plus many GreySheeters who came for the day RoundUp on Saturday.

Here are a few highlights: speakers from Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, California in addition to small intimate breakout sessions, and meditation on the beach. Some GSA members also gave their time to lead sessions in Yoga, Zumba and Meditation.

One miracle was being able to see people who started counting their days at the Malibu retreat in April 2018 attend a year later with back to back GS abstinence! The countdown showed a staggering commitment for decades of GS abstinence.

Retreats have the ability to deepen your commitment as you bond with GreySheeters all over the country and then stay in touch throughout the year. The Serra Retreat Center is down the road from the beach and little shops. We walked and talked, connected with old friends and made new ones -  sharing laughter, tears and the deepening of souls and our GS commitment.  It was beautiful to see sponsors and sponsees meet each other for the first time. Our infamous raffle helped raise money to keep the Malibu retreat financially solvent.

Save the date for next year – April 3 - 5, 2020.

5th Annual NY Metro Intergroup Long Island Speaker Jam of Saturday, April 13, 2009

In Boston AA, there's a saying, "If ya get ta bed sobah (sober), you're a howlin' success!"  Of course, that applies to us compulsive overeaters hitting the pillow abstinent, too.  Well, "A howlin' success" would be an accurate description of the.  Main theme:  "Without Exception."  An attendee reports:  "There were about 70 to 80 wonderful, amazing Greysheeters and five great speakers all the way from Connecticut, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Manhattan.  ...Wonderful, hardworking, dedicated volunteers made this event a success.  As the saying goes, 'On my own, I have nothing; with the Greysheet community, I have so much.  We do this together.' 

At the break, we had a wonderful Greysheeter who shared belly dancing lessons, which was a blast!  And, we raised a nice chunk of needed funds for NY Metro Intergroup!f”   Some attendees shared their thoughts about the day:  Attendee A:  "It was an honor to give service.  I feel more connected to my program."  Attendee B:  "In order to keep this amazing program of recovery, I have to give it away.  And forever, I am grateful."

Board of Trustees Town Hall Meeting

The next BOT Town Hall meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 21, 2019, at 11:00 AM EDT. 
Groups with questions or concerns they would like the Board to address should send them before June 13th.
The Zoom Link for the Board of Trustees Town Hall Meeting July 21, 2019, at 11:00 AM EST is:
You can attend by telephone using the following numbers.
One tap mobile
+16468769923,,555523493# US (New York)
+16699006833,,555523493# US (San Jose)
Dial by your location
        +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 555 523 493

Service Matters Audio Versions

SM audio versions now available on YouTube

Link to Service Matters Audio April 2019 issue:

Link to Service Matters Audio March 2019 issue:

GreySheets Available at the 2019 WSC

The Conference Committee of the GSA WSC 2019 will have GreySheets available for purchase at the conference for $1 each, which will save groups and sponsors the cost of shipping and handling.

Coming Events

Here are some 1-3-day retreats and roundups coming up soon.  Details available at

*  Connecticut Retreat, Ivoryton, CT:  May 17-19
*  London, UK:  June 1-2
*  8th Annual Northern California Roundup July 26-28
*  Chicago, IL: August 9-11
*  Dublin, Ireland Roundup: August 17th

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