Service Matters • May 2018

GreySheeters Anonymous World Service (GSAWS) - Board of Trustees - Announcements


GSR's and ISR's – Please Note:

On Sunday, June 17, 2018, at 10 A.M EST, all are invited to a special Zoom "MEET THE BOARD" video meeting. Details with Zoom meeting ID will be published in the June issue of Service Matters.

We ask that every GSR and ISR report to your groups and ask what topics, concerns and questions members might have that they would like to see discussed at this meeting.  Send all questions and topics to by May 18, and she will send them to the GSWS Board  of Trusteesvas they prepare for the meeting. 

Please be sure that all members have downloaded the app on their computer, tablet or phone prior to the June 17th meeting. Zoom is free for anyone attending a meeting.

GreySheet Website Upgrade
The Board of Trustees is currently working with the Web Committee on requirements for update of the GreySheet web site and related budget.

Q & A Corner

Question: Why is it important for GSA members to know about World Service and to provide topics for discussion at the Meet the Board Zoom meeting in June?

Answer: GreySheeters Anonymous is a twelve-step recovery program for compulsive eating. In keeping with AA's Traditions and Concepts, the structure of our fellowship is an upside-down pyramid. In other words, the individual groups and meetings are the most important part of our structure. The decisions made at the Board of Trustees level affect all of us. The Communications Committee which produces Service Matters would like to be instrumental in facilitating two-way communication between groups, the Board of Trustees, and the World Service committees which are composed of conference delegates and are involved in helping to spread the message of GreySheet recovery. Every GSR and ISR is charged with relaying information between their groups and the Board of Trustees and World Service Conference committees. We are now asking GSR's to report back to World Service so that there is a way to communicate the concerns of members and for these concerns to be considered.

Israeli GSA Marathon, Kiryat-Bialik, Israel   

Hosted by the Kiryat-Bialik Group on April 27, 2018, the focus of this marathon was “The Fellowship, God and What's Between.”  The marathon was held in the group's face to face meeting room, and was attended by more than fifty GreySheeters from all over Israel.

The day was divided into two parts. In each, three GSA members qualified for approximately 15 minutes, focusing on the strength of the Group as an important layer of one's spiritual path, the importance of Group rules and Group Conscience, the fellowship, Sponsorship and personal service. It was interesting to see how each of the six qualifiers focused on the subject from their own point of view; yet, all emphasized the spiritual aspect as a must for building strength and success in one's program.

The atmosphere was warm, friendly and accepting, and infused much strength into the community, and to who attended.

Malibu Retreat - "Beyond Our Wildest Dreams", Malibu California   

During the weekend of April 6-8, 2018 a GSA retreat with the theme, “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams,” took place at the Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, California. The retreat welcomed 55 GSA members from 15 states and Canada. If you have never been to a GSA retreat, it is an amazing boost of 12 step recovery: enjoying speakers with years of GreySheet abstinence, small intimate breakout sessions, and meetings on the beach. Some GSA members gave their time to lead sessions in Yoga, Zumba and Meditation.

We joined with fellow sisters and brothers to share six beautiful meals and our life experiences that focus on why and how we don’t eat no matter what. One miracle was being able to see people who started counting their days at the Malibu retreat in April 2017, attend a year later with back to back GS abstinence!

Retreats can deepen your commitment as you make bonds with people all over the country and stay in touch throughout the year. The Malibu and New York communities were very generous with their time in planning the retreat, picking yummy foods and coordinating meetings and activities. The Serra Retreat Centre is down the road from the beach and little shops. We had the opportunity to walk, talk and form relationships.

We were able to connect with old friends and new, sharing laughter, tears and the deepening of souls and our GS commitment. We are not a glum lot! We had a common bond and were also there to help each other. It was beautiful to see sponsors and sponsees meet each other for the first time. Our infamous raffle was so much fun! It helped raise money to keep the Malibu retreat financially solvent.

This is a ‘We’ program, and if we give our heart and soul, and weigh and measure each meal, our life will be “Beyond Our Wildest Dreams!” Save the date for next year – April 5 – 7, 2019.

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