Service Matters • June 2020

Welcome to the June Issue of SERVICE MATTERS!

GSRs - please read at your meetings

1. GreySheeters Anonymous World Services wants to strengthen our community support networks. We need your help to identify the digital platforms our community uses such as: Instagram, Facebook, Marco Polo, WhatsApp, etc.  

Please email with:

  • Platform Name:
  • Link:
  • Responsible Name (Owner, Administrator, Coordinator, Moderator, etc.):
  • Email:
  • Phone: 

2. has upgraded its application to Zoom 5.0 which went into effect on 5.30.20. If you have not yet upgraded to your mobile device or laptop, you will be required to do so before attending a meeting after that time. Here are directions:

3. Next Committees Connecting Meeting will be Sunday, June 14 at 12:00 Noon ET at this link:
Meeting ID: 663 470 166

The Conference Committee will be presenting, and while all delegates are encouraged to attend, all interested GreySheeters are welcome!!

Q & A

Q: GSA is in the process of writing a statement of responsibility inspired by AA’s responsibility statement. We asked some GreySheeters the question, “How do you carry out your responsibility to carry the message to someone who is still suffering?”
A: Here are some of their answer:
1.  By weighing and measuring from the GreySheet and being joyful with my life.
2.  I have three sponsees, I speak at meetings when I'm asked to, and I try to carry the message of the Cambridge GreySheet:  The food, the food, the food.
3.  By sharing my Experience, Strength and Hope on our Facebook pages, at live meetings and on the phone bridge.
4.  I'm about to lead a meeting, where I will share what it was like and what it's like now.
5.  By sharing it all -- the pain and the joy -- at meetings, showing that we can get through anything without eating.
6.  By asking for help during my No Matter Whats, I demonstrate that we don't have to -- and can't -- do this alone!
7.  By making my food beautiful and answering questions when suffering compulsive eaters ask me about it.
8.  By inviting suffering compulsive eaters in my life to meetings.
9.  I carry the message every time someone says, "But you don't LOOK like you ever had a weight problem!" and I reply, "That's because I got help.  Want details?"
10.  I carry the message by keeping my food and my program first in my life, so I have a message to carry.
11. I answer the phone when a GreySheeter calls.

June 2020 - Monthly Board of Trustees Column

Sandie M., Secretary
Hello fellow GreySheeters!
My name is Sandie and I am Secretary to your elected Board of Trustees. I am also a compulsive overeater. I have been abstinent as we define it since August 27, 2009. In the past ten years, I have found a peace and serenity that I never dreamed possible thanks to you and the fellowship of GreySheeters Anonymous. I have experienced a multitude of life’s no matter whats in the past decade, but thanks to the program of GreySheeters Anonymous, I have been able to walk through them with integrity, clarity, and have not eaten over any of them. 
The GSAWS bylaws state: 
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the annual meeting in books provided for that purpose. He or she shall be responsible for the giving and serving of all notices of GSAWS and shall perform all the duties customarily incident to the office of the Secretary, subject to the control of the Board of Trustees, and shall perform such other duties as shall from time to time be assigned by the Board of Trustees, including retaining the records and legal documents of GSAWS and the corporate seal, if any.
I am still learning and clarifying what “all the duties subject to the control of the Board of Trustees” means in practical terms. The Secretary is responsible for the record keeping of the fellowship. I attend all GSAWS meetings and record the minutes and notes, which are placed in the archival record and on our website. The BOT has also decided that the Secretary is responsible for maintaining the membership records, which includes keeping a database of Groups, Intergroups, and Committees – membership, service positions, contact information, etc.  I am responsible, in conjunction with the BOT President, for setting  the agenda of the World Service Conference and gathering annual reports.
These responsibilities can sound dry and utilitarian, but they are not to me. For most of my abstinence, I did service by attending meetings regularly, holding service positions at meetings, beginning meetings back when we still used Skype, and sponsoring. As someone who lives in what we used to call an outpost (Can there really be outposts anymore with the multitude of video meeting options available to us?), I often felt that this was the limit to the service I could do. How could I even think of doing service at an Intergroup or World Service level? In addition to the geographical limitations, I had the big, busy life that I had been given by GreySheet. I felt that I didn’t have time.
About a year ago, I was approached by a fellow on the Nominating Committee who asked me to consider being on the Board of Trustees. With a bit of nervousness, I agreed. At the last World Service Conference in October, 2019, you elected your new BOT, and I embarked on what has been an amazing journey. In the past 7 months, I have learned so much about our fellowship and how it works. I have met people that I never would have met before and count them as friends. I have gained a new appreciation for all that the “old timers” have done to get our fellowship to this point in our history and I am honored to be a part of helping to shape its future. On a personal level, my program has been enriched beyond measure. By reaching beyond my comfort zone and taking the plunge into more service, I have renewed my vows to myself and my abstinence. I am grateful beyond measure.
I encourage you to think of ways in which you can use your unique talents to enrich a fellowship that has given you a life free from the bondage of compulsive eating.

Thank you for letting me be of service and WDENMW.

Getting GS Abstinent During This Pandemic

We have noticed many newcomers who have found us during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three from London:
Before I came to GreySheet, I was dying of compulsive overeating and bulimia. Miraculously, I found out about GreySheet on the day we were declared on lockdown here in the UK. I don’t know if I would have survived this crisis without it.
 My first impression of GreySheeters Anonymous can be summed by the tragic and miraculous catch-22: it was because everything else had failed that I knew GSA was going to work. I knew it immediately when my loving sponsor told me the boundaries of GS abstinence, and it was the structure I had been praying for. I knew it because in the GreySheet community, I found not only the blessed refrain of the phrase “me too”, but also unwavering support, guidance, love and so much laughter! And that was only 52 days ago. It is all possible with GreySheet!
When lockdown hit the UK in March I was in the food and had been on and off for the best part of 2.5 years after leaving another food fellowship in 2017. I was terrified that I was going to slip further into relapse and not only put myself at risk, but also my family, as I knew that I would need to leave the house to get my binge foods, and in doing so, would not be able to keep myself safe. I really did stand at the turning point. I knew I had two choices: either go further into the food and the slow death that awaited me, or find a programme that could offer me a way out.
My prayers of desperation were answered, and out of the blue, someone told me about GreySheeters Anonymous.  In all my years of 12 step recovery - at different times trying out six other food fellowships - I had not come across GreySheet. That day, I joined an online meeting, got a sponsor and got going with the food plan immediately. 
I have not looked back since. Who knew that what I'd been seeking all along was a community in which I could feel held, loved and safe. I was scooped up, met with warmth and given everything I needed to begin my recovery. It's just over a month since I came in and already I have made so many friends, and feel like I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams.  My hope was given back to me and the shame I'd been carrying around with me for so long, taken away. This fellowship has given me back my life and for that I am truly grateful.
I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness shown to me in this fellowship. I am able to be honest without shame or fear and encouraged to be myself...whoever that might be.
I believe if I stay close to this programme and follow the suggestions I never have to pick up food again.
Free at last, a grateful newcomer.

Help Wanted! Service Opportunities

Reflections Zoom Writing Workshop: Next meeting is June 27 at 11:00 AM ET
Zoom meeting ID: 203 332 604
Only 90 days of B2B GS abstinence is required and the willingness to share your experience, strength and hope in this daily reflections for GSers book-in-progress!
Next Board of Trustees Town Hall is Sunday, July 26 at 11:00 AM ET.
Come one, come all!! 
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 717 731 799

Audio Links

If you missed one of these meetings, or prefer listening to reading Service Matters,  you can listen to the audio or read the notes here:

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Concept 7 Meeting: May 17, 2020 
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