Service Matters • July 2021

Welcome to the July 2021 Issue of Service Matters!

Welcome to the July 2021 issue of Service Matters, your answer to the question, “What’s Up in GreySheet?” regarding all the work done for GSA as a whole to carry the message to compulsive eaters who still suffer.

Attention GSRs:
Upcoming Committees Connecting Resolutions - July 11th, at 12:00 Noon ET

This month, the Public Information and Communication Committees will be presenting their resolutions. They include three resolutions that will be debated and voted on and two that will be included in the consent agenda. These resolutions to be discussed concern GSA’s participation in social media, the adoption of a GSA podcast, the adoption of the GSA Start-up Sponsor Team, which has been working for the last year and a half. The two in the consent agenda are about automatically subscribing new trusted servants to Service Matters and the suggested participation of all trusted servants in the monthly Traditions and Concepts meetings. Please read the working resolutions and supporting documents before the Committees Connecting meeting on July 11.
It is important to note that while it is exciting to ponder the creation of a GSA Podcast, and while there has been much enthusiasm for the project, what we really need to move forward are GSers with editing skills and the technological ability and interest to make this happen. While it is a relatively simple thing to record a voice memo on one’s smart phone, to get a quality recording, someone is needed who can do the editing and knows about eliminating background noises, etc. so it isn’t an annoying experience for the listener. Our main purpose is to carry the message to the compulsive eater who still this effort as in all of our efforts.
If you are interested in participating in the podcast project, or in the ongoing work of our website, please contact the chairs of the Communication, Website or Public Information Committees and volunteer your expertise. Our entire fellowship thanks you!!
Go the website to get information on how to buy it or go to, click Bookstore, type in Living Abstinent in the search box. GSA gets the most royalties when the book is purchased through the publisher. Can also use which supports independent bookstores.
If you live outside of US and Canada, go to your independent bookstore or use Amazon in your country.

Upcoming Meetings
All interested GreySheetrs are welcome!

Each of these meetings is an opportunity to expand your recovery by learning more about the framework that guides our work together. If you’re a delegate, you’ll want to clear your calendar and attend each of these meetings. This is how we get essential information and guidance for giving our best to the groups we serve.

1. Committees Connecting meeting ID: 663 470 166
    Sunday, July 11, at Noon ET

2. Concept 9 meeting ID: 791 453 380 
    Sunday, July 18, at 1:00pm ET
3. Tradition 9 meeting ID: 791 453 380 
    SundayJuly 25, at 1:00 pm ET


June 2021 - Monthly Board of Trustees
Liaison Report Highlights

Share the Vision

Whenever anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food, they think if GreySheet.

Progress Report on Four Core Functions to achieve our vision
Please share with your group!
ntegrity of the GSA Program
     a. Board of Trustees revised proposals to the World Service Conference regarding the distribution of the GreySheet while strengthening our liability and copyright protection. Committees Connecting notes with new Resolution

     a. Proud to announce the publication of Living Abstinent

     b. Plan to publish the History of GSA within the year

Public Information
     a. The Public Information Committee has created a three-month bank of content to ensure several posts every week on our three new social media channels.

     a. Added purchase information for our new book, Living Abstinent.

     b. Still planning to launch new website September. Check it out:


Israeli Community Hosts an International Community Event 

The Israeli GSA community is proud to invite you all to meet the international community in the Holy Land on July 1, and July 15, 2021
2 qualifications in English - one from Israel, the second from the US.  
The qualifications will be held in English with a short summary in Hebrew.
Shares will be in any language the GreySheeter chooses.
Join us on Zoom: July 15, 2021, Thursday 20:30 Jerusalem (13:30 EST)
We are waiting to see you all in the Regular Zoom link of the Israeli
community: Password: Regular. 
If you need the password please send a WhatsApp message to Ofer + 972-544400600.

Board of Trustees Column

Hi GreySheet Community!

My name is Eunice M.  I am the newest member on the GSAWS Board of Trustees (BOT).  I was nominated and elected to the BOT in November 2020. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  My GreySheet abstinence date is March 18, 2004, and I am very, very grateful for my abstinence and the GreySheet program.  For the seventeen plus years that I have been a member of GreySheeters Anonymous, I have done service in several areas, including GSR for my home group, Phone Bridge PM Marathon Coordinator and Liaison, meeting leader, booker, timer, and reader.  I am happy to be a GSAWS BOT member. There is a lot of work that goes on at this level and I am still learning.

When I was elected to the BOT, the book, LIVING ABSTINENT, was in its final revision.  As I began to read the manuscript, I was amazed at the topics that were covered.  There are six categories and 27 chapters.  The six categories are as follows: Beginning Our GSA Journey; Nuts and Bolts of GreySheet Abstinence; GSA Recovery and the People in Our Lives; Protecting Our Abstinence; Slogans to Live by; and Life in GSA Recovery.  The chapters of the book cover topics of abstinence, getting through withdrawal, what is backup, dealing with friends who don’t support us, anger, and resentment, without exception, no matter what, and letting go of self-pity.  There is even a chapter that describes how GreySheeters are living through the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The book, LIVING ABSTINENT, contains all the information that I want to pass on to a sponsee, but may forget.  I encourage everyone to get your copy today and maybe get additional copies for future sponsees.

In order to get your copy, please go to the publisher,  GSAWS gets more royalties when the book is ordered from the publisher.  The book can also be obtained through Amazon.

For more information about the LIVING ABSTINENT book, please contact:

Wishing you yummy abstinent weighed and measured meals, ODAAT,

Eunice M


Links to Notes of Meetings

If you missed attending these meetings, never fear. Click on these links to see notes from these meetings; Notes are also available at
Notes from June Committees Connecting meeting:
Notes from May Concepts meeting:
Notes from May Traditions meeting:
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