Service Matters • February 2018

Message of Hope - Keep Coming Back and STAY!

While the newcomer to GSA is often heartened to hear the words, “Keep Coming Back” from members, once a period of abstinence is attained, whether it's 30, 60, 90 days or a year, the message from longer-timers to the not-so-newbie is, “Stay.”

Stay when you're at your goal weight and wondering if you really need meetings and daily contact with your sponsor.

Stay when your abstinent life has delivered you to wonderful relationships, challenging and rewarding jobs or a career.

Stay when you wonder if the GreySheet food plan is really healthy for you after all this time.

Stay when you think you have the discipline now to do this on your own.

Stay when you just can't imagine being an old person in a nursing home doing what it takes to stay abstinent.

Because all of these thoughts are not simply thoughts. They seem reasonable, especially to those outside of our community. But they are the voice of the disease.

Stay until your head clears; until the stress or the lack of stress in your life renders you sane again.

Stay while you pick up the phone and call someone, perhaps a newcomer, who is struggling to have what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Stay to be eligible to lead a meeting, handle the treasury, or represent your group at World Service or Intergroup meetings.

Stay till you know in your bones that you're part of the “We” of this program.

We hope you stay!

Upcoming Events

Sign up soon for any of these events!

The Event

Date & Location


Information Contact

2nd Annual GSA Retreat Queens NY

Feb 2-4, 2018

Bishop Molloy Retreat Center.

Queens NY


Yvonne at 646-399-4603

Juliette at 646 709 7828


Anniversary in Iceland

Feb 10, 2018


Von, Hús SÁÁ, Efstaleiti  7, 103 Reykjavík

San Diego Winter Retreat

Feb 16-18, 2018

Mission San Luis Rey– Oceanside, California


Jacqueline R., 619-246-


Paris Roundup

Feb 24, 2018


75, rue de

l’Assomption, 75016 Paris

GS meeting followed  by pot luck, literature  meeting in the  afternoon plus something touristy to do

Connecticut Intergroup GS One-Day Retreat

Feb 24, 2018


The Convent of St. Brigette, 4 Runkenhage Road, Darien, Connecticut 06820

“A” Road to Recovery – Acceptance, Accountability, and Amends.

2018 Malibu

Retreat and Round-Up

April 6 - 8, 2018

Serra retreat 3401 Serra Road

Malibu, CA 90265

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

Jayne P., Registration until February 5, 2018.


Question of the Month

Q:  How do I access meetings through the Zoom platform?

A:  Generally speaking, your computer/phone needs to have a camera and a microphone.

You can download the Zoom app at no cost by going to their website,

Press the Sign up, It's Free button; type in your email address; you will receive a message at the address you've given; confirm and follow the instructions to download the app. It's that simple.

If you have the Meeting ID number (these sometimes change every week), you can open up and press Join a Meeting, then typing in that Meeting ID number at the time the meeting is supposed to start. That's it! You're in!!

If you receive an invitation on email message, it will contain a meeting ID that you just click on to enter the meeting.

Once in, you can mute and unmute yourself, and click either on Speaker or Gallery View (top right) to see only the person speaking or everyone who is attending the meeting. Laptops and notepads because of their larger screens are generally better than smart phones so you can see everyone who's attending.

Experiment with different ones to see what feels best for you. The list of video meetings (both Zoom and Skype) are on the website on: 

12 Steps and 12 Traditions of GreySheet Anonymous

Now available for $19.99 (20% discount) softcover and $29.99 (20% discount) hardcover at:

Donations always graciously accepted to support the work of the GSA World Service

– and every donation counts!  Go to: 

GreySheet Counts!

The 20th anniversary GSA census called Greysheet Counts! launched on October 1st 2017 and will run until March 31st 2018. The results will be posted on on April 6th 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of GSA as a separate 12-Step fellowship. We hope that the world map produced showing 1) the number of GreySheeters weighing and measuring without exception; 2) the average length of GS abstinence in each state and country, 3) how different GreySheeters have found GSA for the first time and 4) where Trusted Servants are holding service positions will show that this program works no matter where you live and will help connect GreySheeters and carry the message.

But we need YOU to Count Yourself In!  Click here to provide your information. Questions? Contact or 713-594-1728.

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