Service Matters • December 2018

March 1st is the Deadline for Board and Committee Reports & Motions!

On April 1st, delegates will download your reports, motions, and submitted materials from greysheet.orgWill your committee be ready?

WSC2019 is September 20th – 22nd  2019 in Chicago.

Delegates from intergroups, groups, and the board will be considering motions from the board and all seven conference committees:

  • Archives
  • Communication
  • Conference
  • Finance
  • Literature
  • Public Information
  • Structure

Grainne M. will offer two Zoom sessions for the board and committee members to review the Guide to Preparing Your Report.

Come hear issues raised by other committees and ask your own questions.

Please read the four-page Guide beforehand (but come to the session even if you don’t!)

Click the appropriate link to register for either or both sessions and receive the link to join:

Saturday December 15th  11:30 am ET  

Monday December 17th  8:00 pm ET     

Questions? Contact

Board of Trustees Town Hall Zoom meeting

The next GSA Board of Trustees Town Hall Zoom meeting will be held on Sunday, January 20, at 11:00 AM EDT. This is an hour later than previous Town Hall meetings to accommodate members who found it conflicted with their Sunday morning commitments. We hope these members can come to the meeting!!

Please submit any questions you’d like the board to consider by Wednesday, December 12 to, so that they can be discussed at the December Board meeting on Sunday, December 16th.

Anyone and everyone can attend this Zoom meeting. The Meeting ID and time will be announced in the January 2019 Service Matters.

2019 World Service Conference Deadlines

 Registrations and full payment needs to be submitted by February 15, 2019. GSR’s and ISR’s who are attending our World Service Conference (which is a fellowship-wide business meeting)  need to make sure they are informed and ready to vote on issues.

Update from the Literature Committee

We meet once a month usually the third Sunday at 2:30pm EST on the Zoom platform.

We have about 12 permanent members and most come to every meeting.

Current Projects:

--the History Book which was CAL* in 2014.  That will probably not be finished for quite awhile.  Many of the members are doing interviews of GSers who have been around for a long time.  We feel strongly that we want to preserve our history.  The Archives Committee is helping us and we are helping them.

—a book “Living Abstinent” (using Living Sober” as a model).  We hope to have 4 or 5 chapters written to present to WSC 2019 as a motion to have it CAL.  The intention of the book is to present as many questions as possible that a newcomer might have for getting through the first year or so.

—a bookmark to sell at meetings or handout to newcomers.  We hope to have it finished and get permission to use money to have it printed in time for WSC 2019.  GSRs can bring a lot back from WSC 2019 to their meetings.

Translations of the GS: We are encouraging other countries to translate the GS into their own language.  There is a CAL process to go through.  At present, a Polish translation has been approved for the growing Polish GS community and a French translation is in the works and may be approved within a couple of months.

* Conference Approved Literature

Update from the Greysheet Committee

The GreySheet Committee, an ad hoc committee convened by the Board of Trustees to capture in writing the oral tradition of the original Cambridge GreySheet community, continued its every-other week meeting in October and November.

The ten members, each with over 20 years of back to back GreySheet abstinence and several from the original Cambridge community, continue to clarify areas of the GreySheet where varied interpretations have developed over the years.

In October and November, we covered Fruits, Vegetables, and began Proteins. As we work through the GreySheet itself, we address other questions and issues related to these areas as well.

Our goal is publish a Guide for Sponsors with Clarifications and Explanations, i.e., a thorough and comprehensive list of clarifications of potential misinterpretations of the written GreySheet food plan plus additional explanations for how we have traditionally followed the GreySheet, for example, when eating out, traveling, ill, maintaining a healthy weight range, pregnant, etc. We will also recommend how GreySheeters Anonymous World Service might use the Guide.

Please share these regular updates about our work with your group or intergroup. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

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