Service Matters - August 2022

What Service Means to Me

Above all, I believe service is a privilege — I 'get' to do service because I am abstinent on this wonderful GS. There are so many ways to do service at the group level as well as at the world service level. To me, it can be just saying my mantra at a meeting, or using the slogans, or weighing and measuring my food in public. I am so grateful for this gift. I appreciate those who came before me, those who walk with me, those who taught me by their example how to do this a day at a time. So, in my shares I try to stay positive. I love my food; and for me, this is my primary purpose, to carry the message any way I can. I have found a way to participate on a committee at the World Service level also, doing what I love to do, which is to call other GSers on the phone. There is a solution, and doing service helps to make sure GSA will be here when a newcomer needs it.


Upcoming Meetings

All Interested GreySheeters Welcome!

Each of these meetings is an opportunity to expand your recovery by learning more about the framework that guides our work together. If you’re a delegate, you’ll want to clear your calendar and attend each of these meetings. This is how we get essential information and guidance for giving our best to the groups we serve.

  • Committees Connecting meeting ID: 663 470 166 on Sunday, August 14, NoonET
  • Concept meeting ID: 791 453 380 on Sunday, August 21 at 1:00 PM ET
  • Tradition meeting ID: 791 453 380 on Sunday, August 28& at 1:00 PM ET


Important Training Updates

Delegate Training #2: How to Participate in the World Service Conference Meeting

Congratulations on being elected as a delegate to the 2022 World Service Conference!

The World Service Conference of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service is a business meeting where we make decisions for the future of our fellowship. As a formal meeting of 50+ delegates from all over the world, there are expectations and procedures to make everything run smoothly and fairly. This training will cover how the conference runs and the role each delegate is expected to play.

You will have two chances to attend this second training session to discuss how delegate participate in the conference meeting:

Sunday October 2, 10am ET, Delegate Training #2, Zoom ID: 819 6663 2185
Monday October 3, 6pm ET, Delegate Training #2, Zoom ID: 820 2249 9514

We will cover:

  • The Standing Rules of the Conference
  • How to use the agenda
  • Book of Previous Conference Resolutions
  • Participating in debate on the resolutions
  • Expressing a minority opinion
  • Asking a procedural question
  • Dealing with technical issues
  • How to vote using the Zoom polling feature
  • Nominating trustees

More information

GSR Training


Ever wondered about serving your group as their Group Service Representative (GSR)? GSRs play a vital role connecting their groups to our GSA service structure. 

All current or new GSRs and all those interested in learning more invited. Registration requested but not required:

The first Sunday in January, April, July and November at 10 AM ET on Zoom ID 856 3998 6995 with GSA passcode.
The first Tuesday in January, April, July and November at 6 PM ET on Zoom ID 838 9475 2685 with GSA passcode.

Download Materials

Questions? or 832 856 1058


Board of Trustees Column

Hi, my name is Joey. I am a compulsive eater and a Board member. Today, I take responsibility for my actions, which means I weigh and measure my food without exceptions and I don’t eat NO MATTER WHAT. It’s a gift I get to keep One Day at a Time. We just had our quarterly Town Hall, and it was an amazing experience which gives us the opportunity to hear what’s going on in our GreySheet community. Each member can ask any GreySheet related questions to help with abstinence. The following are the highlights:

GreySheet Hard Copy Printing, Distribution, and Electronic Copy Distribution

  • GSA World Services prints 7500 2022 GreySheet in English and 1000 in Spanish Authorizes European Intergroup to print English for Europe; European Intergroup to print European language GreySheets (Once approved); Icelandic and Israeli
    Intergroups to print; Icelandic and Hebrew (Once approved). No one else, including individuals, is authorized to produce and distribute hard copies of any version of the GreySheet. 
  • GSA World Services will provide without charge to authorized intergroups for distribution to qualified sponsors. Qualified sponsors contact their intergroup for a supply to provide to their sponsees.
  • GSA World Services will email a secure PDF of the English and Spanish 2022 GreySheet and the report, GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Sponsor Guidelines, to all registered ISRs and GSRs. ISRs and GSRs distribute both to qualified sponsors. Qualified sponsors distribute both to sponsees.
  • No other edition of the GreySheet may be distributed electronically whether by email or text, in PDF, scanned, or photographed. No edition of the GreySheet may be posted on social media or published on the internet.

Intergroup Presentations

Connecticut Intergroup:

  • GreySheet was brought to New Haven, CT in 1980 by a woman from Cambridge who was doing her graduate work at Yale University. She attended regular OA mtgs to Twelve-Step people into our GreySheet community.
  • In March 2020, the CTIG set up five new daily 9am ET meetings on Zoom and shifted all CT in-person meetings online. In August 2021, the 8:45am Westport meeting returned in-person, with an average attendance of 12-15 people.
  • Since 2000, the Westport Saturday group has sponsored a three-day retreat, first held at Stamford’s Villa Maria Convent and later at The Incarnation Retreat Center in Ivoryton. The average weekend attendance is between 75-85 guests and after a two-year pandemic break, we gathered in April to hold a live retreat.
  • The Connecticut Intergroup has organized six one-day retreats, four in-person and two virtual. The venues have been Convent of St. Birgitta’s in Darien and, most recently, Saugatuck Church Hall in Westport which accommodates about 60 registrants.

New York Metro Intergroup (

  • The New York Metro Intergroup transitioned to zoom- March 2020. There are currently 16 active zoom and 3 in-person meetings and a Chicago group as part of the NYMIG.
  • The Annual New York City Round Up (250+ participants) and Long Island Speaker Jam (100+ participants) transitioned to zoom- year 2020.
  • Intergroup Website Analytics past year: Audience- 3190 visits by 2450 people. Most of those people visited for the first time. Source of the visitors - 1384 visitors came from search with over 100 per month from search. The pages they landed on - the highest visited pages in addition to the front page are the meetings list and then the audio page.

Phone Bridge Intergroup (

  • The Phone Bridge was started about 25 years ago when a few GSA members realized that the new conference call technology could help compulsive eaters in outposts. The only meetings available at that time were in person so phone meetings started in order to meet a need.
  • In 2000 there were several meetings a week and as the ability emerged to moderate via the conference company’s dashboard interface, more and more meetings were added. About ten years ago, members formed the PB Board of Trustees, incorporated, launched the PB website, and became an GSA Intergroup.
  • Today there are 64 meetings a week, including a daily beginner meeting and 8 day-long marathons a year. 20-25 new requests for the PB phone number and passcode come into the website every month. Hundreds of people call into the PB meetings each week. The meetings are attended by GreySheeters all over the world.

Peace and Blessings!!
Joey M - your Trusted Servant


Share the Vision—Monthly Board of Trustees Liaison Report

July 17, 2022

GSA World Services Vision: Whenever anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food, they think of GreySheet.

Four Core Functions of GSA World Services that Accomplish our Vision Updates

Integrity of the GreySheet Program |

  • The Board of Trustees approved a distribution plan for the 2022 GreySheet both in hard copy and electronically:
  • Electronic copies will be sent with the Clarifications report (including the FAQs) to  ISRs and GSRs for distribution to qualified sponsors. Sponsors will distribute the  2022 GreySheet and the Clarifications to sponsees. No other version of the GreySheet will be distributed electronically.
  • Hard copies will still be ordered by sponsors from their intergroups. Intergroups will  obtain supplies from GSA World Services. Only GSA World Services designated agents may print hard copy GreySheets. Designated agents include Mary B. for the Americas (English and Spanish), Sara S. for Europe (English, Spanish, and German), Dudi D. for Israel, and Maria S. for Iceland.

Literature |

  • The Literature Committee approved Spanish translations of the GreySheet,  Clarifications, and Living Abstinent; as well as the French translation of the GreySheet. 
  • The Literature Committee submitted the Spanish translation of Living Abstinent for  approval at WSC2022. 
  • The Literature Committee submitted a WSC2022 resolution for the proposed online  booklet, "Committees: The Heartbeat of GSA." 
  • The Literature Committee submitted the content of the online pamphlet Tips for Dining  Out and Traveling in Abstinence to the Committee Chairs & ISRs for review and feedback  from the fellowship (prior to submission of the final content to the Board of Trustees for  final approval before publication). 

Public Information |

  • The PIC finalized our events publishing procedure for the website. If you'd like to publish your event, please email
  • We are also actively brainstorming ways to improve our outreach to the still-suffering  compulsive eater, as well as to improve our social media strategy. Please email if you are interested in getting involved or have any questions about these two exciting initiatives!

Website |

  • GSA World Services will switch to our new website on August 1 to better carry the  message to the next compulsive eater and serve existing members. The old website will be “turned off” and the new one, “turned on.” This is the result of the work of every  committee, intergroup, and Board of Trustees as well as many individual volunteers.
  • All questions and suggestions to


GSAWS Treasurer’s Report

2022 Direct 7th Tradition Donations Target - $42,000

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